Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of London and Day 1 - Provence

Day three in London was better. Alarms worked (or rather, my brain did). Started in Hyde Park in the AM with a walk. Lots of British armed forces vets dressed up in regalia for a reunion. Then to the National Gallery where I looked at some Van Goghs, Monets, and Seurats. Pretty cool. Next we had some fish and chips for lunch at a nearby pub.

Flew early AM out of London to Provence. The weather, unfortunately, was the same here today as had been in London - overcast, drizzly, and cool. But when we got to Arles (small town full of ancient Roman ruins) that didn't matter.

After a picnic lunch by the river, we toured the ancient colosseum here, as well as the ancient theatre and a really cool church with some saint's bones in a box.

We stopped by the Yellow Cafe, the cafe in Van Gogg's "Cafe Terrace at Night."

Just took a much needed 3-hour nap. Now I think it's time for dinner...

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